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Dublin Belfast Newry Mini Coaches & DCD
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Formerly Dorgans Mini Coaches which was founded in 1961, the business is now run by the second generation of family members: Stephen Millar and Greg Kelly with administration support.  The name of the company was changed at the end of 2004 to accurately reflect our speciality within the industry i.e. small to medium group transport throughout the greater Dublin area.  While the company name changed, the colour of our vehicles, our staff and our reliable service remained the same.


In January 2012, the Dorgan's Group expanded their Northern services with new operations called Belfast Mini Coaches and Newry Mini Coaches. Therefore, the company's name was changed in 2017 to Dublin-Belfast-Newry Mini Coaches to reflect its expansion.


The Dorgan's Group also operates Irish Mini Bus Rentals, which was set up as a sister company. Irish Mini Bus Rentals currently provides self-drive mini buses and mini coaches to the coach trade and domestic market across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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Whether a trip is business or pleasure, our uniformed drivers will collect and drive to the destination in style on time any where anytime.


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24 Hour Cover


All customers receive their driver/chauffeur's telephone number at least 24 hours before they are due to travel and this ensures that direct communication can take place between both parties.


Our main office telephone number 0861 780049 / +353 861 780049 is staffed from 06:00 until 21:00 daily and an "out of hours" telephone number is provided to all customers when a booking is confirmed. This "out of hours" number is answered between 21:00 and 06:00 daily.  Customers can rest assured that if a problem does arise out of office hours, they can always contact a senior member of our operations staff day or night.





Our Drivers/Chauffeurs are a mixture of Irish and European (EU) nationals, workplace communication is through English, however conversations in French, Russian, Polish and Romanian can often be heard around our office/depot.  Our uniformed drivers carry out their instructions with courtesy and discretion and this has greatly contributed to us earning a reputation for punctuality and efficiency.  As at 1 September 2013, all of our drivers have completed 100% of their Driver's CPC to comply with EU leglislation.  In January 2013, four of our drivers completed the Failte Ireland Driver/Guide course.


Our stringent recruitment process ensures that only the best driver/chauffeur applicant gets a job at Dublin Mini Coaches and Chauffeur Drive, we look for exceptional qualities in order to maintain our reputation as Dublin's and Ireland's top coach/mini coach and chauffeur company.


Dublin Mini Coaches & Chauffeur Drive drivers/chauffeurs are:


  • Safe

  • Skilled

  • Well presented

  • Enthusiastic

  • Punctual


They also have: good personalities and aim to get along well with our clients



In 1961, shortly after the firm's establishment when travelling by mini coach was still in many ways "an adventure", the founder, Tommy Dorgan used to say that the key to the success of a good mini coach hire/rental business was not it's vehicles, but in the drivers who drove them. 


Other sayings by Tommy include:

A good driver is the best guarantee for the passengers.




As a mark of respect to the founder's insights into the business, the best driver from the firm's team is given the Tommy Dorgan Coach Driver of the Year award.  The Roll of Honor to date for this award is as follows:


  • 1998 - Joe Cooney RIP

  • 1999 - John Kenny

  • 2000 - Grant Williams

  • 2001 - Brendan Flannery RIP

  • 2002 - Jimmy Bradley

  • 2003 - Gerard Raymond

  • 2004 - John Roberts

  • 2005 - Vasilijs Golombs

  • 2006 - Vasilijs Golombs

  • 2007 - Prosper Nyagano

  • 2008 - Edward Collins RIP

  • 2009 - Tom Healy

  • 2010 - Florin Onofrei

  • 2011 - Denis Rudd

  • 2012 - George Costello RIP

  • 2013 - Charlie McGroarty 

  • 2014 - Patrick Kehoe

  • 2015 - Kieran Harten

  • 2016 - Jim O'Reilly

  • 2017 - Ioan Maris

  • 2018   VasuJayanandan Putherzhath

  • 2019   Daniel Olbea

Dublin Belfast Newry Mini Coaches & DCD

Kylemore Works Junction

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Bluebell Industrial Estate

Dublin 12, D12 W352


Tel: 0861 780049/+353861780049

Travel & Transport (DMC) & (BMC), Wasdale House, Unit 14, Camac Park, Bluebell Industrial Estate, Dublin 12, D12 W352 IRELAND.
Tel: 0861 780049/+353861780049