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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs re: coach hire)


Are all your company drivers Irish Police checked?
Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches have an undertaking with social services that all of our drivers are CRB checked.


Do you do extended tour work and tour work?

Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches have vehicles suitable for touring that are driven by experienced chauffeurs/drivers, let us know what your plans are and we can advise/help with your itinerary. We can also organise day tours.


Do you have a trailer for the minibus to carry luggage or bikes?

Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches can provide an enclosed trailer if requested and we also have a canoe trailer.


Does your company hold full public liability insurance?

Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches is fully insured, a copy of our  insurance details is available on request.


Can we pay by debit or credit card?

Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches can accept payments by debit or credit card, normally prior to the journey taking place.


Do you accept payment by cheque?

Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches can accept payment by cheque. If you are a company, we normally obtain creditworthiness approval. Personal cheques can be accepted as payment in advance for bookings.


Is there a cancellation fee?

If a journey with Dublin Mini Coaches is cancelled within 48 hours prior to your journey then the full cost will be incurred - full details of our cancellation policy is available in the Terms and Conditions section of this website which is located under the About Us tab .


Are all your vehicles fully road worthy?

Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches vehicles undergo daily in-house checks and full safety inspections every six weeks in approved Mercedes Benz dealer garages, giving you complete peace of mind.


Can we smoke on board?

No, it is illegal to smoke on Public Service Vehicles in Ireland.


Can we drink alcohol on board?

Yes, if agreed at time of booking.  Dublin Mini Coaches policy is that: you do so at your own risk and it is your responsibility to keep the vehicle tidy throughout the journey, refuse sacks can be supplied to collect the rubbish.


We need to hire more than one vehicle, are you able to handle this?

Absolutely, Dublin Mini Coaches have a fleet of vehicles and can discuss with you what is more suitable for your needs.  We can also send multiple vehicles to several or single locations at the required time.


Is it compulsory to wear seatbelts on a coach?

Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches entire fleet is fitted with seat belts and Irish legislation requires that they are worn at all times.


Can people with walking difficulties travel?
Yes providing they can embark and disembark the vehicle unaided.  However, Dublin Mini Coaches can accommodate a limited number of wheelchairs per trip, please discuss this with us at the time of booking.

Can your office help with itinerary planning for my group?
Yes, the staff at Dublin Mini Coaches have a good knowledge of many attractions and destinations as well as suitable refreshment break locations.  We are happy to help and advise.


Can you arrange for Driver Guide or Tourist approved guide to enhance our excursion?
Yes, Dublin Mini Coaches work with a wide network of Guides, we can put you in touch with them.

What else can you do to make my life easier?
Dublin Mini Coaches confirms everything in writing before you depart and we provide you with the drivers telephone number.

What happens when I make a reservation?
Once you complete a booking with Dublin Mini Coaches, the details are sent electronically to our reservations team who will make the appropriate arrangements requested.

Do I need to tip the chauffeur/driver?
The price paid does not include a tip. As is standard across the globe these days if you feel your Dublin Mini Coaches chauffeur/driver has been friendly and courteous, then a small tip is the norm, but this is not compulsory, the choice is entirely yours.

How will we locate our chauffeur/driver after the flight arrives?
Your Dublin Mini Coaches chauffeur/driver will meet you at the Dublin Tourism Desk inside the main terminal at Dublin Airport.  Our chauffeur/driver will be holding a sign with your name written upon it. For a map of Dublin Airport arrivals level, please go to the Dublin Airport tab on this website.

What will happen if our flight gets delayed?
Dublin Mini Coaches operates 24 hours for planned bookings, we monitor all incoming flights so it does not matter how delayed your flight is, or how early it is, our chauffeur/driver will be waiting for you.  Delays of 1 or more hours incur additional charges.


How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs?
Dublin Mini Coaches chauffeurs/drivers normally wait 60 minutes for you before making any enquiries. They will then check with the information desk and request that your name is paged, then wait another 10 minutes before leaving the terminal. We strongly recommend that you telephone us if you think it will take you/your group more than one hour to clear customs so that we can advise our chauffeur/driver and adjust our schedules if necessary.

How long does the journey take from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre?
It normally takes about 35minutes.  However this depends on the time of the day that travel is taking place and traffic conditions.  If you are in a hurry and do not mind paying the charge involved, we can use the Dublin Port Tunnel.

Is it true that Dublin Mini Coaches is probably the best mini coach company in the world.
Yes, no one has yet to argue that we are not!


How do I get a quote and book up?
Simply click into the online quotation section of this website and complete the details requested.  Alternatively, you can telephone Dublin Mini Coaches ++353 861 780049 OR email  - the choice is yours.  We will be more than happy to help you, whatever method you choose.

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